On May 19th, Unitopia has launched its latest game “blockchain farm” on Ultrain Chain, a leading public blockchain optimized for commercial use that aim to build a general purpose blockchain offering cloud services and an operating system. “Blockchain farm” proven to be a hit among the gaming community, as it was only launched for a short among of time, and it has already acquired over 5000 users. To celebrate the game launch and the recent fund raising, Unitopia inviting Ultrain Co-founder & CEO Guo Rui to join their offline meet up, along with other industry professionals to discuss the future development of the blockchain and game market.

Unitopia — the gaming firm creating blockchain equivalent of digital distribution platform Steam, on which users can purchase and play video games, has never seized to impress with its achievement within the gaming industry. After its recent funding from Shuimu Fenghua Fund, Link Hui Capital, Jun Joint Venture, Digital Chain Capital and Ultrain Fund for 5 million USD. The purportedly usage of the funds to boost research and development of blockchain-based games proven to be effective, as its recent games developed by Unitopia have accumulated over million end users.

Unitopia is an entertainment ecosystem constructed on top of blockchain, with independent research and development and integrates high-quality blockchain games both in China and oversea. They are devoted to providing games with rich content and perfect design, deliver games that’s actual fun to play to the blockchain gaming community.

Huang Lei, CMO of Unitopia said that the Unitopia ecology is mainly built from the various aspects. First of all is variety, Unitopia has developed dozens of games such as "Wan Li Ma", "Lian Dan Xiu Xian Lu", " Gold Farm", etc. Among them, "Wan Li Ma" is the first blockchain game launched by Unitopia and is also the most popular multiplayer blockchain game in China. The game was developed and officially launched in May 2018. Currently, there are about 300,000 registered users and 10,000 active daily users. While "Lian Dan Xiu Xian Lu " is an casual blockchain game based on alchemy that will be released in June 2019. Last but not the least, the "Golden Farm" is a social interaction based blockchain game that combines farming, quizzing, and rivalry competition, making this a fun and interactive farming games with monetary incentive that’s attracts various gamers.

During this event, Guo also gave a short and sweet speech. He mentioned that the current gaming industry has great potential. The industry is consists of content developers, publishers, distribution channels and end-users. Over 1.7 billion players spread across all continents. In 2017 alone, the global game industry revenue reached $116 billion.

However, the game industry still faces many challenges, such as the protection of digital assets for each user within game, the copyrights protection for video game, the implementation of game rules. Blockchain technology can empower traditional video game and better solve these problems. Ultrain aim to invest their time and effort to make sure the future development of the industry remain promising, and the collaboration between Ultrain and Unitopia is the initial step.