On May 16, 2019, “New Technology Empowerment Education Talent Cultivation Innovation Forum” was successfully held at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

The forum was guided by the China Blockchain Alliance, hosted by the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Research Institute and hosted by Beijing Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd., nearly 200 undergraduate, experts and professors attended the event. Participants exchanged their thoughts on the latest blockchain and big data technology application scenarios and trends, shared their view on how to empower new education through new technologies, built a system to integrated experience engineers and business professionals, as well as promoting professional training and cultivating “Technology innovation thinking”. “New talents with “new technology application capabilities.”


Samuel Xiao, Vice President of Ultrain ecosystem development was also invited to present a speech with a theme “Building Decentralized Trust Engine, Empower Traditional Economy”, He shared his opinions on the latest blockchain technology and development, as well as some examples of blockchain application scenarios, to provide the audiences with a unique perspective.

Smauel discussing the empowerment of blockchain technology and focused on digital transformation for traditional business, the core of blockchain technology lies in trust computing. Blockchain 3.0 has gradually entered the era of commercial applications. Samuel analyzed the seven applicable scenarios of the current blockchain technology in the financial field, including supply chain finance, trade, credit reporting, transaction settlement, reward point accumulation, insurance and securities. With all the applicable scenario and business, Samuel said that the commercial application of blockchain requires a large number of talents who master both blockchain technology and business application. Ultrain is willing to contribute its own technical resources, cooperate with many universities, and build a blockchain application course to help students learn technology better. At the same time, Ultrain is hosting the Hypernova DAPP development competition, and welcome teachers and students from all over the world to participate.