Ultrain attended ICT Global Spring Europe 2019, a global tech conference, a two-day event that facilitates the meeting of minds, encourages emulation and networking with industry leaders. Is the place where digital era, technologies and science converge. And Ultrain, as a leader in the blockchain public chain technology, among other well-known corporation attended the conference.

Panel Discussion:

Emma Liao, the official peripatetic for Ultrian, was invited to participate ICT Spring, attended the panel of “The Next Era of Blockchain” And discussed the value of blockchain with the principle & global innovation leader, of EY Blockchain Technology. Emma stated, with the empowerment of blockchain technology in a trustless environment, source tracing, IP protection, energy and logistic application can be established. A perspective that was shared by both Emma and Paul.

In addition, Paul also asked how Emma viewed trade wars happening right and European relations. She said that she has lived personally for a long time around the world, has a network of global resources, and that the blockchain is a very international industry. Ultrain is also an international company with a global outlook and has received support from Microsoft and Amazon. She hopes that global leaders will reach an agreement as soon as possible and make the best judgment for the rise of global economic development. Blockchain is the perfect international development opportunity for entrepreneurs, and Ultrain has chosen such a good industry to evolve in change and turmoil.

Emma’s speech received enthusiastic response from audiences in Europe and Asia and received strong support from Paul. Paul said that although EY's blockchain business is developing in the Ethereum ecosystem, he also sincerely appreciates Ultrain's expression.


*the quick boxing fight received lots of attention from the audience.

Ulrain’s Presence at ICT

In addition to Emma's own participation in the discussion, Ultrain also had the opportunity to arrange a booth at this event to showcase the technical advantages of Ultrain, the ecological cooperation process and so on to people from all over the world around the venue.

This trip to Luxembourg, Ultrain has gained a lot great exposure and local resources. The ICT event has strong support from Microsoft, who invited a variety of startups around the world to communicate, and Ultrain was one of the few invited blockchain companies, which received a very strong response throughout the venue.


The Luxembourg government is of great importance for the development of the blockchain industry. The Luxembourg Prime Minister also attended the meeting in person and visited the Ultrain booth. All of this has laid a good foundation for the future development and ecological development of Ultrain in Europe.

Ultrain will continue to speak on the international stage, explain the value of the public chain, cross the barriers of geography and language, let more people around the world understand us, support the fundamental philosophy behind the public chain, and use technology to reshape the trust boundary of existing business community.