Over the past three weeks, SlowMist security team conducted a comprehensive audit on parts of Ultrain’s smart contract system, including design logic, authority control, system architecture. No security risks were found.

Ultrain is a world-leading public blockchain optimized for commercial use. They aim to build a general purpose blockchain offering trust computing cloud services and an operating system. As one of the most innovative projects in the field, Ultrain team holds eight patents in blockchain technology. Leveraging on powerful R&D capabilities and global business network, they are committed to constructing a robust blockchain ecosystem that empowers a wide range of industries. Follow us @UltrainB @EmmaUltrain

Slow Mist specializes in security of blockchain industry. SlowMist delivers security audits and defense deployments for exchanges, wallets and smart contracts around the world. The team’s technological capabilities allow them to discover and publish multiple high-risk bugs or errors and established a reputable brand name among the blockchain industry.
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