The continent of Africa leaves us with an impression of wild animal migration, where the king of the jungle lion and elephants live, the amazing pyramid from Egypt and the priceless treasure lies under the ground.



However, Emma sees this land differently. She thinks of Africa as a land of opportunity with inexhaustible business cooperation resources here.

Ultrain visited Africa on behalf of Ultrain, our wonder woman Emma successfully connected the powerful international network resources and joined hands with her dearest friends Dr. Iqbal Survé to achieve a full range collaboration with Ultrain and industry giant of South African Sekunjalo Cooperation will joint Ultrain to build comprehensive ecologies in Africa, such as payment, user incentives and food traceability with blockchain technology.


How impressive is Dr. Iqbal Survé?

He is currently Chairman of the South African Business Council of the BRICS, a regular member of the Davos and Summer Davos Conference, and the highest ranked business school in Africa - President of the University of Cape Town Business School and Graduate School, with huge resources in more than 30 countries in Africa.

He created the Sekunjalo Group, which is wholly owned by the Survé family today. Today, the Sekunjalo Group is one of the most successful investments holding groups in Africa with a net worth of more than $3.5 billion and a portfolio of 176. (
At the same time, Sekunjalo is also a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and is recognized as one of the world's fastest growing leading companies by the World Economic Forum. Sekunjalo's industries include oil and gas, food, fishing, aquaculture, electricity, resources, transportation and mobility, telecommunications, security and defense, media, technology, biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and asset management, among others. Sub-Saharan Africa has many social investment initiatives.

In the media industry, Sekunjalo has acquired South Africa's largest newspaper group – Independent Media ( Independent Media is the most important media in Africa. It is the oldest publishing and newspaper company in South Africa. It has great influence in Africa. It has more than 20 newspapers and magazines productions, with more than 6 million readers per day and over 3 million online readers.


In this way, Ultrain will rely on the Sekunjalo Group industry to use its top blockchain technology to open up various scenarios such as payment, traceability. user blockchain technology and incentives to involve more participants in various industry, deep cooperation with the entire industry, which will have a huge impact in Africa. Force to joint develops various types of ecology in Africa.

Now Ultrain will step up their presence in the Africa continent, and the South African giants will work together with Ultrain to build a large African core business ecosystem, to further deepening Ultrain's global networking, following the development in Europe, United States and Australia. We will empower industries with blockchain technology in more countries, regions, and industries!

In the future, as the world's leading commercial chain, Ultrain leaves room for promising imagination.