Recently, as Emma returns from the continent of Africa. She was invited by Cartier to attend the Cartier and the palace museum craftsmanship and restoration exhibition. Where she explored beyond the boundaries of cultures with Ultrain’s advisor and board member of Richemont Keyu Jin

Many top celebrities from the Chinese firm and entertainment industries attended the event, such as Lu Yu, Jin Xing, Yuan Quan, Zhang Zhen and many other start artists, actors and entrepreneurs attended the event. Cartier's global CEO and CEO of China also came to the scene.


Emma with CEO of Cartier Global Cyrille Vigneron


World Renounce Economist / Ultrain Advisor - Keyu Jin

This is a more than just a simple exhibition, but a cross-century, cross-cultural journey. In the Forbidden Palace, everyone felt how the beautiful jewelries intertwining within the Chinese and Western culture. This event was a stunning celebration of art.

Emma said: "Cartier's collaboration with the Forbidden City is a perfect blend of luxury and craftsmanship through ancient and modern Chinese / Western culture. Cartier has supported many powerful women at their times in need, while creating timeless designs. Very glade to be invited to this special exhibition. Pleased to have a pleasant exchange with the top management at Cartier, including their global CEO, China CEO and Innovation executives."