We present you with the first project progress bi-weekly report since June 03-June 16, We share our latest engagements and updates with our community and we thank you for your continuous support.

Technology Update from Ultrain

Ultrain's core Technology

  1. Perform complex network environment adaptation, including gateway, static NAT, and public network.

  2. Conduct security investigation, complete multi-signing malicious attach recognition and penalty mechanism;

  3. The decentralized governance contract framework is completed and enters the joint testing phase;

  4. Enhance the communication security of multi-chain management protocol and enhance signature verification for external data access requests.

Ultrain’s Smart Contracts

  1. Complete the documentation and tested docking examples of the main network mapping transaction, also conduct the feasibility test of the exchange docking scheme;

  2. Support strategic partners to compose educational course on blockchain related technology development and blockchain education course products.

Ultrain Developer Kit

  1. “Cona” plugin wallet v1.0.2 was successfully launched on the chrome app store;

  2. Initiated development process for the next version for Cona-based DAPP connection and authentication services;

  3. UltrainOne main network account additional security rules to support mobile phone use and unique device ID;

  4. Updated developer's tutorial on "Ultrain Dapp Development Guide".

Ultrain’s Latest Community & Event Update

Ultrain officially becomes a member of the Trusted Blockchain Committee

Recently, Ultrain has now became a member of the National Trusted Blockchain Committe. This allows us to become the trusted computing platform of the world's and better push forward our business collaboration with large enterprises and gaining recognition for our accomplish.

Note: In order to comply with the “13th Five-Year National Informationization Plan” and promote the deep integration of blockchain technology with the real economy, China Information and Communication Research Institute attracted 158 companies (Tencent, Huawei, Ant financial, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Baidu, 360, China Unicom Group, Microsoft, China Mobile Research Institute, JD Finance, etc.) formed the pioneer team that launched the “Trusted Blockchain Committee” (referred to as “trusted blockchain”). The purpose of the trusted blockchain is to promote the core technology and industry application of blockchain, support government decision-making, promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry, enhance the Chinese blockchain industry overall and expand their influence internationally.

In-depth write up: "How to use zero knowledge to prove the protection of personal and business data"

Ultrain Technology team has written an article on “How to Use Zero Knowledge to Protect Personal and Business Data” and introduces a personalized zero-knowledge proof solution that is superior to other solutions in the market. Ultrain made it possible for zero-knowledge proof and privacy protection of the public chain to meed the needs of business scenarios

Ultrain Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with Committee

Microsoft Removes Public Face Recognition Database | Ultrain's Unique Technology Can Effectively Eliminate Risk of Data Leakage

Recently, according to the British "Financial Times" report, Microsoft has recently deleted its largest public face recognition database - MS Celeb. Today, as legal compliance is becoming stricter and privacy is being leaked more frequently, how to effectively protect users' data privacy has become a problem that many companies must face in their development. As the world's leading block public chain project, Ultrain's comprehensive public chain architecture and industry-level zero-knowledge certification components can provide powerful solutions for commercial companies and institutions around the world.

Ultrain Was Invited to CES Shanghai

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a reputable convention for Asian consumers and electronics in the Asian market. The 5th CES ASIA was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) and the Kerry Hotel in Pudong. At this world renounced technology event , attendees will experience more cutting-edge technology and innovative creation from around the world. At the same time, CES Asia is also committed to providing an ideal platform for start-ups, where well-known companies and global brands come together to build partnerships.

Ultrain Chain and Zhilink Technology formally reached strategic cooperation

On June 12th, Ultrain Chain and Zhilink Technology reached a strategic cooperation. The management team of both sides attended the strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in Beijing. Zhilink chain blockchain technology helps to bring Ultrain’s technology into the class room into some of the finest higher education institude in china.

Emma Dialogue: With Professor Cao Huining

On the evening of June 12th, our co-founder Emma had live dialogue session with Professor Cao Huining to express how mainstream perspective perceive blockchain and reveal the core value of blockchain technology and its future application. The live broadcast received warm response from the community, and the total number of viewership exceeded 100,000, which brought abundant traffic to various channels such as Ultrain website! There will be more live broadcasts and video programs in the future. You are welcome to join the Ultrain community and keep an eye on the Ultrain project!

Interview with Emma : Story of Our Goddess

Emma accepted a live interview with ChainPilot chain and told everyone the story of her life. This interview was well received with the audience and received enthusiastic responses from audience.
Ultrain Wish Happy Father’s Day to Everyone

Ultrain’s Cutest Emojis Are Now Available

Ultrain Baby Pig Year Customized Emoji Pack is officially launched! community memebers, quickly download your WeChat and access emoji fron emoticon store, search for "Ultrain 小象表情", to download A total of 32 cute and practical expressions are available for you

The above information demonstrated the progress of Ultrain from June 03 th to June 16 st. Thank you for all your interest in Ultrain! Stay tuned for our latest developments and updates!