Headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Plug and Play is an international innovative platform that accelerates technological breakthrough through accelerated programs, business services and venture capital. Since its inception back in 2006, it has spread across 28 cities around the world, providing resources to start-up businesses in Silicon Valley and around the world. With over 6,000 startups and 220 corporate partners, Plug and Play has built an innovative ecosystem in multiple vertical industries and has successfully invested in star companies such as Danger, Dropbox, Lending Club, PayPal, SoundHound, and Zoosk.

In 2015, Plug and Play came to China as the world's top technology innovation accelerator and investment organization. In China, it is committed to helping entrepreneurs grow in three dimensions: investment, entrepreneurial acceleration, enterprise innovation services, and innovation consulting. Deep ecological cooperation such as government and universities seek common development. Plug and Play China has invested and incubated more than 300 Chinese startups, and more than 200 startups have entered the “Plug and Play Unicorn Acceleration Program”. Ultrain is also honored to enter the Accelerated Camp as one of the representatives of the blockchain industry.


On June 25, 2019, Plug and Play China began the “Plug and Play China 2019 Summer Summit and the Shenzhen soft launch” event. The event was guided by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Nanshan District of Shenzhen. Support from the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. Leaders of relevant departments of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, representatives of entrepreneurs from both Japan and Germany, representatives from dozens of well-known large enterprises and startups from mobile traveling, financial technology, real estate technology, and Internet of Things, and deep research on innovation theory. During this event, a total of more than 200 guests attended the event. The follow-up series of activities related to the Summer Summit include “Innovative Technology Selection Week”, focusing on multiple vertical areas such as real estate technology, internet of things, and mobile travel.

Vice President of Ultrain Ecosystem development Samuel Xiaoyinghao performed a roadshow on behalf of Ultrain and had indepth communication and resource sharing with many well-known large enterprise representatives.

He mentioned that the core value of blockchain technology is to provide trusted computing services. The various characteristics of the blockchain allows the transformation of interpersonal trust and institutional trust to machine-based trust. Its technical advantage provides the best support for the establishment and improvement of the Internet of Things. Breakthroughs in smart contract mechanisms, data security, privacy protection and other aspects of the Internet of Things in financial, insurance and other industries. In addition, the idea of credit system has greatly expanded the utilization of Internet of Things, and can affect industrial, agricultural, medical, health, environmental protection, transportation, security, finance, insurance, item traceability, and supply chain. Achieving a huge transformation from traditional information interconnection to value interconnection in many areas such as urban comprehensive management.

while explaining the combination of the blockchain and the Internet of Things, Samuel also mentioned the collaboration between Ultrain and the domestic streetwear brand e-commerce YOHO!, the public listed company Great Energy, indicating that Ultrain is already on the path of developing commercial applications. We believe that after entering the Plug and Play IOT acceleration camp, Ultrain will continue to accomplish more and building a programable business society.