As the testnet of Ultrain is now online, many developers tried to draft smart contract and used Ultrain’s explorer for contract deployment.One of the most popular contract is the ones that send out token, as we imagine people enjoy that small dosage of endorphin as they experience the action of sending out Token.Even the tech team of Ultrain all eager to test out the process of creating new account, applying for resources, as well as drafting, deploying and executing contracts to execute the final act of sending out Token.

After the full procedure, however, product manager often compliant the fact that Ultrain’s explorer only allows Token contract deployment and utilization, and user can not view the Token information through the existing version of the explorer. Thus, a series of updates and engineering optimization were made to the latest version of the explorer. Want more juicy details? KEEP READING!

1 Home Page: New Data Info
Open the latest version Ultrain explorer, besides the complemented renovated visual back ground,you will soon see some of the key statistics of the chain such as trading volume, account number, number of contracts and Token number. Which significantly improved user experiences by letting them get to the information they need in a glance.
2 Token Look up
After deploying the Token contract, you may now find all your essential token information through the Ultrain explorer. Making your life easier!
3 Look Up Token Infor within an account
Beside a list of token, users can now see detailed token information within their individual account. Instead of manually searching for the token information you want, explorer will automatically update the Token infor. Detail matters!
4 Compatible with Wireless Access
Other than the visual update, and optimization on account registration, contract deployment and contract usage. You may now access the explorer on your wireless device, it is convenient for user to access explorer with their cellphone.


5 Others
Ultrain’s internal development team also improved upon the performance, data storage, as well as the page upload speed.

Link to Ultrain’s explorer, , try it out for yourself. Please feel free to contact us at Developers’Potal-forum if you have any question.