Since its establishment, Ultrain has not let anyone down in terms of product, technology, commercial landing or capital. Today, we officially announce that in order to better serve the community members, Jessie, the new Ultrain Operating Officer, has taken up a heavy post. We look forward to the addition of this general operator to further develop the Ultrain community, and we will further improve our core competencies on the basis of strong commercial capital capacity of technological products.


Jessie, the founding team member and major operation expert of ABCC Digital Asset Investment Exchange. ABCC Digital Asset Investment Exchange, which was invested and managed by Ali executives, was once the world's leading exchange. She and ABCC founding team set up the operation system, and led the operation from 0 to 1, including competitive research and analysis, access to seed users, community building, planning, execution and landing of operation activities, pre-heating and promotion before the platform goes online, operation planning and execution after the platform goes online, realizing the community. User activity accounts for more than 75% of the total station, and project (currency) ROI has increased five times.

Jessie is not only experienced in the blockchain sector, but also a member of Baidu's army. She has served as user operation in Baidu Knowledge Search Product Market Department and has five billion user platform experience. She is responsible for Baidu Knowing Core Wireless User Operation, Fortune Mall Operation and Team Operation. According to the product positioning and strategy for core users, she formulated the corresponding core user system and implements it effectively; planned & implemented various user-oriented online and offline activities. During this period, Jessie achieved excellent results through her core operation management.

She has five years of operation experience in 100 million-level PV community, proficiency in SEM, 2 years’ experience in 10 million-level accounts. She has participated in many business directions such as product operation, activity operation, user operation and marketing promotion for many years. She can be said to be an absolute operation versatile person.

We warmly welcome Jessie's participation, hope her arrival will add luster to our community market work, and also invite the community members to have confidence in our follow-up work!