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Mapping Starting and Ending Period: August 7th 2019-August 30th 2019

Dear Ultrain community members:

Ultrain will officially start the mainnet mapping from now on. Ultrain mainnet mapping refers to the process of replacing the ERC-20 with the native UGAS on the Ultrain. First, the users need to connect ETH address with the Ultrain account, then the system will complete the transfer of UGAS to Ultrain account.

We offer total of 3 mapping ways for community members to choose and operate. For specific instructions and precautions for mapping, please be sure to open the official website link ( All UGAS holders must complete the registration of the Ultrain mainnet wallet account by August 30th. After August 30th Ultrain will automatically send the native UGAS to the corresponding account on the mainnet.

For the users who hold UGAS in the exchange. There are the following 5 cooperative exchanges: Huobi Global, Huobi Korea, Binance Dex, MXC, QB will automatically map UGAS. During the entire period of UGAS mapping, the trading of UGAS in the cooperative exchanges will not be affected. Please refer to the announcement of each exchange for the opening time of depositing and withdrawing UGAS.

Note: UGAS holders in non-cooperative exchanges must transfer UGAS to the cooperative exchange or Ultrain official wallet to avoid any losses before August 30.

Thank you for your continued support to Ultrain, and hope that every community member can successfully complete the mainnet mapping process!

Ultrain Official Team
August 7, 2019