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Following is the biweekly report on the progress of the project from July 1 to July 14, which contains two items: project development progress and community dynamic update. It is for the community members to check. Thank you for your attention.

Technology Update from Ultrain

Ultrain's Core Technology

  1. UDP application layer encapsulation framework is built to realize the transceiver function.

  2. Reconstruct and optimize consensus protocol to enhance exception protocol message processing;

  3. Strengthen the detection of miners' anomalies and realize the punishment mechanism of long-term non-blocking.

  4. Optimize the inter-chain management interface to enhance the ability to resist network attacks.

Ultrain’s Product Ecology

  1. Maison Blue Red Wine is on the Australian Source Traceability Side Chain and DAPP is released.

  2. The digital asset issuance platform completes the basic architecture and provides network access functions.

  3. The digital asset issuing platform completes the interactive functions with Ultrain main chain and soft wallet.

Ultrain Developer Kit

  1. U3 is upgraded to version 0.3.14 to support full offline signature, i.e. transaction signature can be achieved through ABI and transaction header information in no-network environment;

  2. Update some contract templates in robin-template, upgrade robin-lint, and repair some grammatical errors.

  3. Update the DAPP submission process of the developer website personal center.

Ultrain’s Latest Community & Event Update

Ultrain and a European consulting firm & boutique investment bank goetzpartners became partners

On July 16, German time, Emma was invited by goetzpartners to give a speech in front of the staff of goetzpartners in Germany, to deeply analyze the "block chain, Libra and the new world under digital change", and received a warm response from the audience. At the same time, Emma also announced that Ultrain and Goetz partners will cooperate in business to explore the location of block chain applications in business. In the future, with the help of goetzpartners' powerful CEO network, strategic advisory and investment banks, M&A network and resources, we will jointly seek the scenario of block chain in the mainstream business society and radiate to more countries and regions.

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Ultrain communicates with Gavin Wood
On July 22, co-founder & CTO of Ultrain, Li Ning, chief architect of Ultrain, Shen Yufeng, and co-founder of Ethereum, co-founder of Polkadot & Parity, Dr. Gavin Wood, conducted an in-depth technical exchange offline on cross-chain technology, cross-chain application value and potential challenges.

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Ultrain communicates with Parity CEO

On July 22, Ultrain co-founder & CEO Guo Rui, co-founder Emma Liao, chief cryptographer Wang Husen and Parity CEO Dr. Jutta Steiner launched friendly exchanges on potential ecological cooperation. Dr. Jutta said that Parity's and Ultrain's belief in the spirit of the block chain had a very consistent vision for building a strong, healthy and democratic and autonomous ecosystem on the chain, and both sides were extremely concerned about the development of community.

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Ultrain hired its new operation officer

In order to better serve the community members, Jessie, the new Operations Officer of Ultrain, has taken on a heavy duty. It is hoped that this general will further develop the Ultrain community and add luster to our community market work. We will further improve our core competence on the basis of strong commercial capital capability of technological products. We also invite members of the community to be confident in our follow-up work.

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Ultrain has deeply cooperatated with Uptech, a leading German technology company

On July 25th, German time, uptech AG (WKN: A0SLML, ISIN: DE000A0SLML9), the blockchain investment group, and Ultrain (, a world-leading blockchain provider, have announced a strategic partnership to mutually grow business in their respective home markets. With this partnership, uptechAG will look to expand their footprint in the Asian marketplace, leveraging Ultrain’s presence in key financial centers including Beijing, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, and Seoul. Ultrain’s team will work with uptech AG to penetrate the European market, with an initial focus on Germany.

Ultrain launched its Australian side chain to empower local wineries and colleges

At 6 p.m. Australian time on July 26, Ultrain held a heavy conference in Adelaide, Australia, announcing the deployment of 100 Ultrain nodes in Australia and the establishment of Ultrain Australian Side Chain! Ultrain has signed Maison Blue, Australia's top local wine company, and has launched commercial cooperation with four famous universities in South Australia. The establishment of Australian Side Chain is the first time that Ultrain has deployed Side Chain independently and completely overseas. It provides block chain business services for local enterprises. It fully reflects the characteristics of Ultrain network globalization and complete decentralization. This is Ultrain's first step toward internationalization, with extremely important commercial value and significance.

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The above is the progress report of Ultrain from July 15th to July 28th, looking forward to more exciting contents after that!