On August 6th, the “Ultrain Basic Public Chain Software V1.0” independently developed by Ultrain Team successfully obtained the software copyright from the National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China. Computer software copyright refers to the exclusive rights of software developers or other rights holders to software works in accordance with the provisions of the relevant copyright laws. Ultrain obtained this copyright, which truly marks the recognition and affirmation of Ultrain’s public chain technology by the national authorities, and is deeply protected by relevant laws and regulations.


Ultrain obtained this copyright before the official open source, which is a major milestone in the development of technology. The copyright of computer software is one of our important capital and wealth. This proves to a certain extent that we have core independent intellectual property rights, which can provide qualification guarantee for future enterprise services. It also means that the value of Ultrain public chain technology has doubled and laid. Our important position in the industry. Since then, we will take a new step in the research and development of public chain technology, and continue to enhance our independent innovation capability and core competitiveness. As the world’s leading commercial chain, we will continue to create a better blockchain infrastructure for the industry. The company’s vision and mission continue to forge ahead.