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In the blockchain field, PoW is proof of work and PoW'ER is industry developer. Under the joint efforts and persistence of PoW'ER, the blockchain industry has experienced more challenging and promising 2019 after experiencing the shackles and precipitation in 2018. The "POW'ER2019 Global Developers Conference" hosted by Mars Finance invited 1,500 technology leaders from the blockchain, 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, investment and research institutions, first-line Internet The company's technical leaders and experts and scholars, build consensus, return to the heart, pay tribute to every developer, pay tribute to the coming great era.

At the event, Cui Baoqiu, vice president of Xiaomi Group, Liu Weiguang, vice president of Ant Financial Services, Zhou Wei, the chief financial officer of Binance, and Cheng Xianfeng, the CTO of the Huobi, were present. On August 21st, Ultrain co-founder Emma was invited by Mars Finance to sponsor the issue of “The Value and Opportunities Brought by the New Technology and New Model for the Internet Industry”, organizing a full of content and people to participate. Investigate, and deep exchanges with friends such as the senior vice president of the temple library Lei Zhonghui, YOHO! founder & CEO Mars Liang Chao, the music co-founder and CTO Guan Hao.

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Emma said that some of the delegates can be said to be representatives of the big entertainment and consumer industries. Each of them is constantly combining new technologies and new models to optimize their own industries based on more traditional business models and IT. Whether it's big data, AI, IoT applications, or business models that can be realized with new technology empowerment, Emma hopes to invite you to share the developments and current technologies of new technologies and models that you have experienced in your own company and industry. Development results.

YOHO! Founder & CEO Mars Liang Chao first shared the application of YOHO! in the blockchain and the next step.

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“Yoho!Buy is in stock” is a youth shopping mall. Adhering to the slogan of YOHO! “Young is an attitude”, Yoho!Buy has the goods to focus on the trend and the needs of the audience. With a professional buyer team and a keen sense of the trend, actively develop new brands and products that match the young people's favorite. Sales include internationally renowned, Japanese, Korean, Hong Kong and Taiwan pop, star designers, mainland originals and more than 1400 trend brand products, to meet the fashion personality of young people aged 18-35, covering men's and women's clothing, shoes and hats, accessories, children's wear And creative lifestyle items. The brands sold by Yoho!Buy are directly signed with the brand to maintain the sales agreement with the international and domestic physical stores. Through customization, limited sales, star cooperation brands, etc., combined with “shopping” content channels and community interaction to guide consumption. Yoho!Buy has become a trend shopping platform that young people love.

In stock, the vertical category of the C2C shoe trading service was launched earlier this year. After the buyer purchases the shoes on the platform, the seller sends the shoes ordered by the buyer to the platform, and the appraisers of the platform identify the shoes. After the products are deemed to be genuine, the shoes are attached with anti-theft buckles, and then the NFC tags are not damaged. And then upload the shoe information and transaction information to the Ultrain chain. After the buyer gets the shoes, they can check the authentic information of the shoes through the mobile phone; many buyers of these limited edition shoes do not wear them after buying, but will trade again. Buyers can sell sneakers on larger platforms such as idle fish. After the new buyer gets the shoes, you can download the YOHO! app, verify the truth and upload the transaction. In this way, users can be guaranteed to buy genuine goods.

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YOHO! took a very responsible attitude, and identified the real thing and the real person. After the identification, the information was placed on the blockchain through NFC to ensure traceability, and the future circulation and life cycle of the shoes were recorded on the chain. Let everyone know that the source is real. In addition, Mars also said that in the future, he will also think about how to better connect people who like a shoe through the management of community operations. YOHO! The offline store in Xinjiekou, Nanjing, including the K11 store that will open in Shanghai, is a real new retail attempt and a true online and offline inventory integration. For example, RFID smart shelves, each user saw a product, bought a product, the background can immediately read the information, and will recommend on the screen what products similar users like to see, can be well obtained offline Passenger, diversion, digital user experience, to achieve online and offline all-channel integration.

At the event, Emma was wearing a pair of shoes purchased on the stock, and showed how to verify the authenticity through the stock of NFC chips. These shoes have been flowed many times, with multiple anti-theft buckles, but only the anti-theft buckles are connected to the blockchain, which can connect each owner. She also said that there are too many pirated goods on the market, and the blockchain has solved the key pain points on the traceability.

Later, Lei Zhonghui, senior vice president of Temple Library, also analyzed the value that the blockchain can bring to the global luxury goods industry from his own perspective.

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As the leading online and offline boutique lifestyle platform in China, Temple Bank Group officially landed on NASDAQ in the United States on September 22, 2017. Since its establishment in 2008, online, as an industry leader, it has a high-end market share of 25.3% in China and 15.4% in Asia. Online, in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other central locations. The physical experience store has provided a multi-faceted global service for more than 20 million high-end users. Siku Group has a complete high-end commercial ecology. It has four core sections: Temple Library Business, Temple Library Finance, Temple Library Intelligence and Temple Library Community to create a complete boutique business circle. At the same time, it has built a domestic professional and authoritative luxury product appraisal team, a luxury goods maintenance factory, and also as a strategic cooperation unit and technical party of the China Inspection and Certification Group.

The temple library has invested a lot of research and development into the identification service, and has the most authoritative luxury identification ability in Asia. At present, it has invested a lot of energy in researching how to use AI, IoT and blockchain technology, and strives to be in the entire luxury industry chain. Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

During this period, Emma also put forward a personal point of view, saying that when discussing the commercialization of new technology, it will communicate with a large number of businesses and enterprises every day. These enterprises are the same vertical enterprises as the companies in which you are located. Whenever I talked with the company, she found that there are these basic problems: the company is very practical and will invest a lot of energy to research and implement. It must be how to improve the efficiency of the current business operations and reduce the operating costs in the enterprise process chain. And through the implementation of new technologies, bring new revenue, new models, new users, and provide practical value for the enterprise itself.

She introduced that Ultrain is a leader in international trust computing, creating a useful and affordable product while implementing distributed, efficient and secure underlying technology innovations, supporting GM's enterprises and developers, and working to become The world's number one commercial chain. For the benchmark Dfinity and Algorand, Ultrain has become the world's first successful new generation trust computing project. Emma also said that she is fortunate to have AI and IoT investment experience as the general manager of Qihoo 360 intelligent hardware investment, and can exchange the value of new technology with various entrepreneurs in various industries, and explore AI, IoT, new retail and blockchain. How technology has been used for a long time. Emma said that she enjoys the process of discussing with entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs did not find out how blockchain technology can help their companies at the beginning, but they are the ones who know the characteristics and pain points of their own industry and are in each other's minds. In the storm, it is often found that blockchain technology can solve a certain problem. Emma is also very happy to discover that this technology can create value for the enterprise at a certain point in the process of discussion.

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![The presenters also expressed their recognition that the study of the blockchain is mainly to study how to improve various efficiencies, such as authenticity and so on. Temple Library has cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to explore how to use the AI method to conduct big data training and achieve intelligent identification.

Finally, Emma also invited the co-founder and CTO of the music game to share the idea of combining the blockchain with the game industry.](image url)

Shenzhen Chuangmeng Tiandi Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading digital entertainment platform in the industry, providing a wide range of digital content such as games and animations, as well as online and offline entertainment services such as e-sports, dedicated to bringing technology and creativity to users. happy. Since its inception in 2011, Dream's music game has successfully launched such famous boutiques as Metro Parkour, Temple Run 2, Monument Valley, Saint Seiya - Assembly, and Dream Garden. tour. The music game is good at fine-grained operations and has accumulated a large number of users. Chuangmeng Tiandi insists on quality games and spares no effort to promote the development of independent games. It has hosted 48-hour game creation contests, casual connect and other game developer activities, encouraging developers to produce more creative boutique games. Chuang Meng Tiandi also invested heavily in IP originality and operation. The development of Dreamland has won the full support of Tencent, the largest institutional shareholder. The two sides continue to operate a good time travel agency, payment services, cloud computing and other technical support, IP original and operation, advertising and online traffic monetization, game development and distribution and other strategic cooperation. In 2018, Dreamland went to Hong Kong IPO to get the cornerstone investment of Sony. Dreamworld was successfully listed on the Stock Exchange on December 6 with stock code 1119.

Guan said that he initially thought that in a large number of user scenarios, the blockchain did not have much direct value in the entertainment experience, but later gradually found that the blockchain may be very large in terms of game account related. The role. For example, there is a game that is very popular. Players buy and sell game accounts, but there are also fake accounts. Can you solve this problem with blockchain? This is worth thinking and studying.

At the same time, Guan Yu also said that when the mouse was invented, there were many games that had a mouse to play. After the birth of the touch screen technology, many touch-screen games like Fruit Ninja appeared. By analogy, he believes that the development of new technologies will definitely bring innovation to the game industry.

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