How many stray cats and dogs are in your block?

According to incomplete statistics, in 2014, the number of pets nationwide has reached 100 million, and continues to grow at a rate of 30% per year.

However, due to increasingly popular pets now, the number of stray dogs in the world has reached 200 million in the past five years, including 40 million Chinese stray dogs.

What is the current status of stray animals?

They are hard to surviving and the great desperation they face are unimaginable.

Therefore, how to better care for stray animals and let humans live in harmony with dogs has become a problem that we need to think and solve.

Li Chen, the founder of “Where the Dog Goes”, has been working on solving animal-related problems. The “Where the Dog Goes” app started in 2014 and is the platform for the quality of the pets. It is also the first city life consumption guide platform for pet owners in China. It provides pet owners with a national food park with dogs. Travel information such as hotels in the suburbs. “Where the Dog Goes” has currently 3 million in-depth pet users, which is the largest pet community in China.

Its offline pet service store, “Meng Beast”, is Chinese first one-stop pet life service center. It is located next to the East Fourth Ring Road in Beijing and covers an area of 5,000 square meters. It is a pet hotel-style foster care. The new pet service center, including business, indoor swimming pool, Cinema, coffee shop and studio, has been highly concerned by the global media. British mainstream BBC, NHK and other mainstream media have in-depth reports on it. At present, in addition to the sentiment store, five chain stores have been developed in Beijing, and the national chain will be laid in the next three years, which will become one of the most influential offline service brands in China.

Li Chen said that there are a large number of stray animals in China. The help of stray animals has always been a great pain point. Everyone has been seeking a better way to solve this problem. Where the dog goes and the Mule is a very solid pet community based in China, with a ready-made quality infrastructure. Where is the dog going? The platform has been on the line. The community of the lovable/loving people + e-commerce + social (such as about walking dogs) + pet information file function, Meng Beast has a very good offline life center, solved offline pets include questions about life, foster care, and so on.

She said that she has been involved in the pet industry for nearly a decade, but she has never heard of blockchain technology before, and after the Ultrain co-founder Emma gave her a lot of science, she thought that it could be very much through blockchain technology. Good integration of resources on the current platform, serving a very meaningful thing to help stray animals, willing to invest a lot of energy, contribute to the venue, combined with Ultrain, to make a meaningful rescue stray animal good thing, so I worked with the Ultrain to develop a “Wandering Baby” DApp.

“Wandering Baby” is a love donation platform designed for stray animals with open transparency through blockchain. As a quality DApp, it also deservedly won the third place in the Ultrain “Super Star Program” DApp Developer Contest.

In “Wandering Baby”, not only the information of each dog has been on the Ultrain chain, but also traceable, support for real identity identification, each dog has an independent guardian, guardian identity and guardianship relationship are also on the chain , can be traced.

In addition, each dog has a separate account, the donation is recorded in the token form, the guardian manages the private key, and is responsible for the daily expenses of his account. All the accounts and consumption records are linked up in real time and can be tracked in real time.

Refer to the future vision and future plans of the platform, the founder Li Chen said: I hope that the stray babies who will be reviewed by the “Wandering Baby” platform in the future can get more donations on the platform and lead a more quality life. At the same time, we hope to meet the emotional needs of the contemporary urban crowd through the live broadcast and online interaction while helping the stray animals.

When more and more stray animals are being rescued, the platform will also establish a home of stray animals through fundraising, so that everyone can contact the animals in reality and participate in the rescue of stray animals as volunteers.

Li Chen is very strange to the blockchain technology, but in the process of docking with Ultrain team, she felt the strong support of the technology development provided by the Ultrain team. In just two weeks, this DApp beta has been fully online. This DApp beta has been completed. During the testing process, the platform has received a lot of donations from caring people.

The official version of “Wandering Baby” will also be available in mid-September, so stay tuned. At that time, everyone is welcome to participate in the joint love, to help the homeless vagrant baby.

At the final of the Ultrian “Superstar Program” DApp Developer Contest, Li Chen also left a message that made everyone in the audience impressed: “It seems that all DApps want to pass the block when they mention their advantages. What kind of data growth is achieved by the chain, and what we want to see is the reduction of data. We hope to reduce the number of stray animals through blockchain technology, give more stray animals a warm home, and make the whole society more full. Love is full of positive energy.” She also expressed her great expectation that blockchain technology will be carried forward in the entire pet cloud adoption industry and contribute to the society.

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We believe that a truly high-quality DApp will definitely bring a truly valuable empowerment to this society, just as “Wandering Baby” contributes to all stray animals. Ultrain will also continue to help such excellent landing applications, maximizing the energy of the blockchain technology and making the world a better place.