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Following the previous acquisition of software copyright by the State Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China, Ultrain independently developed “Ultrain Public Chain Software V1.0”, which was evaluated by Zhejiang Software Industry Association, was confirmed to be in line with “Some Policies for Further Encouraging the Development of Software Industry and Integrated Circuit Industry” and “Software Product Review”. The relevant provisions of the Evaluation Standard have won the Software Product Certificate.

“Software Product Evaluation Standard” is jointly formulated by relevant software industry associations, enterprises and evaluation agencies based on the needs of market and industry development. It is conducive to giving full play to the role of industry self-discipline and demonstration, promoting the sustained, healthy and rapid development of software and information technology services, and promoting the standardized production and marketing of software products. Based on the relevant national documents on the development of software industry, combined with the practice of software product development and the successful experience of software industry associations in service enterprises, this standard puts forward normative requirements for the overall, production, documentation, evaluation, evaluation and supervision of software products to provide for enterprises engaged in software development and service. Software product management specifications are established.

Only those enterprises that meet the above requirements can obtain the Software Product Certificate. This certificate is a powerful further endorsement of Ultrain’s strong technical strength. It represents the authoritative authority of the state for our company’s recognition in the aspects of enterprise qualification, scientific and technological innovation, independent R&D capability, and so on. It also enables our company to independently develop software products and obtain independent intellectual property rights for future legal protection, taxation, and so on. Technology development and other aspects have played a far-reaching role.

From then on, Ultrain will continue to carry out technological innovation, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and continue to provide users with industry-leading products and services. Please wait and see.