Ultrain Co-founder & CEO Guo Rui

What is Digital Twins?

In recent years, one technology has been frequently predicted by Gartner and other organizations to be one of the most important technologies in the future, namely Digital Twin technology, a technical concept proposed by Professor Dr. Michael Grieves of the University of Michigan in 2002. The formal explanation of words refers to the digital body that the product physical entity integrates into the simulation model in the information space, and the related technology that realizes the product life cycle archival management by using the digital body.

To put it simply, there is a physical entity under the line, correspondingly in the cyberspace, by digital means to construct a virtual digital entity corresponding to it, through the operation of the virtual entity, predicting the actual physical entity may appear In the case, this is an innovative technology that is more widely used in the manufacturing sector.

When Blockchain Meets Digital Twins

When I first came into the concept of digital twins, I immediately thought of the ERC721, which is familiar to everyone in the blockchain field. ERC721 was created by Ethereum to refer to and define “Non-Fungible Tokens” for “non-substitute items” to distinguish the Tokens of “alternative items” defined by ERC20.

What is the difference between a non-substitute item and an alternative item? The biggest difference is that non-substitute items are each unique and irreplaceable.

If an item is considered to be substitutable, there is no difference between each individual under this item category. Simply, the value of two alternatives is exactly the same in everyone’s eyes, and they can be exchanged with each other.

For example, a $10 denomination of banknotes, each $10 banknote can be exchanged with another $10 bill. So the $10 bill is an interchangeable, replaceable item.

For non-replaceable products, each product is unique. For example, the official kiln bottle of the Qing Dynasty is also the official kiln vase of the Qing Dynasty. The value may vary greatly. The integrity of the preservation, the year of production, who is the first generation user. Even the identity of the collector of the vase has an impact on the value of the vase.

Therefore, uniqueness, scarcity and uniqueness are the most important features of non-substitutable products.

Knowing the non-substitute products in the blockchain, we naturally think that if we combine ERC721 with digital twins, what kind of items will be formed by digital twins based on blockchain technology? We call this the “blockchain digital twins.”

The blockchain digital twins, shortly, there is a physical entity under the line. By means of digitization, a unique virtual digital entity is constructed in the network space. The virtual digital entity and the physical entity are uniquely mapped one-to-one. The added value of physical entities will bring about the value added of virtual digital entities, and the added value of virtual digital entities will also bring about the added value of physical entities.

The Future of Blockchain Digital Twins

Through the blockchain digital twins technology, we can construct a unique corresponding digital item in the cyberspace for each offline item. These digital items can be interactive, combinable and consumable, so that they can be further generated and collected. The unique digital goods of value and meaning further enhance the unique value of the offline physical objects, and each unique item will have great potential for appreciation and growth.

If you have a high-definition necklace for Tiffany, the original purchaser buys the necklace, and the necklace is the real thing. After the necklace is customized with digital twins technology, the buyer not only has the necklace but also has the only one. An online digital version of this necklace.

First of all, this online digital version of the necklace can be used in cyberspace, for example, as a special epic gear that can be worn in a game that is co-branded with Tiffany; secondly, it can be combined with other digital items that support blockchain digital twins, such as The digital version of the gems sold by Tiffany combines to create a new necklace with new digital attributes; these operations on digital necklaces in cyberspace can further enhance the value of digital necklaces, thus real one also adds value.

When the buyer sells the necklace, the ownership of the digital necklace corresponding to the necklace will be transferred to the new purchaser, and the ownership of the assets will be transferred together.

Blockchain Digital Twins Application in Ultrain

We believe that blockchain digital twins has great potential and value, so we hope to try to build blockchain digital generation applications on the Ultrain platform.

First, we define the protocol specification UIP09 for the blockchain digital generation on the Ultrain platform. See

https://github.com/ultrain-os/digital-asset-framework/blob/master/ultrain-contracts/asset-ledger -impl/contract/README.md;

This specification defines the characteristics, attributes, and operational specifications of blockchain digital assets on the Ultrain platform.

Secondly, we released the world’s only digital twin Ultrain elephant based on the UIP09 specification. The elephant consists of two parts, a physical elephant under the line, and a digital version of the elephant on the line.


The physical elephant is accompanied by an NFC tag that records the unique number of the elephant, which is recorded on the digital elephant on the chain as the unique identifier for each digitally generated baby elephant.

As the mascot of Ultrain, Ultrain Elephant has a special attribute, that is, each account can only have a small elephant as the exclusive mascot of the account. You can view the digital video assets you have in UltrainOne’s wallet. At the same time, each digital pup has its own attributes, and its initial attribute values are the same.

Ultrain elephants can be traded, given, transferred, etc. between accounts, but before each account receives a baby elephant, you need to ensure that the account does not have other elephants.

Then we will release the UIP09-based Ultrain T-shirt. Like the baby elephant, each T-shirt will have an online version, and the online digital T-shirt can be worn on the online Ultrain elephant. The image of the baby elephant will change and become the image of the T-shirt. At the same time, the T-shirt has a special ability to randomly increase the energy value attribute in the small elephant attribute, which can make your baby elephant change to have more energy.

With the increase of merchandise (including Ultrain self-operated goods and other merchants’ merchandise), we will continue to increase the number of UIP09 merchandise co-branded with merchants. These merchandise have similar T-shirts and can be used for other purposes. UIP09 goods, including non-consumable (can be used multiple times) and consumption classes (destroyed after use); there will also be similar to the main body of the small elephant (can not be used on other UIP09 objects, only Can accept other UIP09 objects). With the expansion of the Ultrain business ecosystem, the main items of the Ultrain elephants will appear in more applications. For example, maybe in a few months, you can import your exclusive elephant into some games and become exclusive. Fighting pets.

However, the Ultrain elephant will always be unique. The UIP09 object with special properties is the creation of the Ultrain blockchain digital twin world, representing the exclusive membership of the Ultrain world. Finally, I will tell you an egg. When the digital elephant is activated, there is a very low probability that it will become a mysterious elephant. I hope everyone can have their own exclusive Ultrain pet elephant.

The blockchain digital twins system built by Ultrain UIP09 is a creative social experiment and experiment that will lead to major disruptive innovations in the blockchain industry. This means that Ultrain is about to usher in new models, new users and new revenues. Through the continuous improvement of the business ecosystem, the scenes are constantly expanding and expanding, and the future development of Ultrain has more possibilities.

I hope everyone can work with us to create this new online world.