Ultrain officially announced today that former Alipay Data Intelligence General Manager/Ant Financial Global Technology Strategic Cooperation and Development General Manager/Microsoft Seattle Headquarters Technology Executive Jin Li officially joined Ultrain as Chief Digital Officer. This is an important milestone in the process of talent upgrading in Ultrain.


Jin Li, former Senior Executive of Alibaba and Ant Financial Group, held several senior executive positions as Alibaba new Retail CTO, Head and GM of Alipay technology, GM of Ant Financial Global Strategic Development, VP of Alibaba TechFin etc. He is well known as a leader, an innovator and an evangelist in distributed system, big data, AI, blockchain, new retail, fintech, and Internet industry. He was graduated from AI lab of Computer Science at Tsinghua University, supervised by Professor Huang ChangNing, a pioneer and leading scholar in the field of natural language processing in China, currently Finance EMBA of Tsinghua PBCSF (People’s Bank of China School of Finance, Tsinghua University).

Jin has 20 years research & development executive experiences of Microsoft in USA and China, 5 years senior product & business executive experiences of Alibaba and Ant Financial in HangZhou China, also serve as strategic advisory / partner role to several new digital companies.

He has also worked as a part-time strategic consultant or director in many emerging economic institutions. He is a well-deserved technological leader in the fields of distributed systems, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, new retail, financial technology and other Internet high-tech fields.

After joining Ultrain, Jin Li will be fully responsible for the research and formulation of the global digital strategy, the construction of digital ecology, the development of digital commercialization, the cooperation of top government, industry, education and research, and so on. He will promote the formulation of the global technology strategy of Ultrain, the construction of international and Chinese technology community and influence. Global technological and business ecological development, establishment and development of top-level government and academic relations. His arrival will help the Ultrain to step up to a new level in all these aspects and make a full contribution to the establishment and development of global technology and ecology.

We are very honored to welcome such an outstanding talent to join us. We look forward to use blockchain technology to empower the real economy and create new income models, bringing the improvement of social efficiency and realize the vision of a new business model.