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According to the official news of Xinhua News Agency, on October 24, Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, emphasized in the 18th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee that the blockchain should be regarded as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies and accelerate the promotion of blockchain technology and industry.

As soon as the news came out, the whole country was happy. This time, it is no longer just that people in the industry are excited, but all people focused and discussed.

The haze will eventually retreat, and the Ultrain — the first public chain has already made great efforts in the past two years, and has achieved fruitful results.

he core team has a strong background and heavily involved in research and development.

Ultrain is the leading trust computing infrastructure in the world, co-founded by former Alibaba Security Group Technical Director Guo Rui, former 360 IoT Investment General Manager / Senior Cross-Border M&A Investment Manager / TMT Investor Emma Liao Zhiyu and Google Chrome OS + Alibaba Cloud OS core architect Shen Yufeng, former Ant Financial blockchain team cryptography expert Wang Husen, former Alibaba / Ant Financial core executives / former US Microsoft Seattle headquarters technology executive Li Jin and former IBM senior Senior Manager Songhe Capital CTO is a strong lineup of core partner teams. The company currently has more than 50 developers, all from the core development team of the world’s top companies such as Alibaba, Ant Financial, Google, Huawei.

Adhere to independent innovation and build many global leading technologies

As the public chain with the highest performance and the only commercial service in the global blockchain 3.0, the Ultrain has built a solid technical foundation through many world-leading technological innovations, with globally unique and realized random dynamics. The R-PoS consensus consisting of fragmentation technology and the world’s original two-layer random number generation architecture which is the only blockchain 3.0 public chain in the world that integrates the zero-knowledge proof privacy protection scheme. It was officially launched in April 2019, and all code has been opened source.

(see for details).

Ultrain single-chain TPS 1000, full-network TPS 4000, confirmed time 10 seconds, has deployed nodes worldwide (all in line with local government supervision), has a total of 4 main side chains, 400 servers across the network (is 10 times the number of competing nodes than other competitors), it is expected to reach 1000 nodes by the end of the year. Nodes are located in China, the US East and West coasts, Europe, and Australia.

In the field of blockchain, Ultrain has already obtained as many as 12 invention patents, including “A Blockchain-Based Intelligent Contract Implementation Method and Device”, “Intelligent Anti-counterfeiting Device Based on Blockchain Smart Contract and Traceability” Anti-counterfeiting method”, “A blockchain intelligent contract renewal method, device and equipment”, “a blockchain intelligent contract sharding method, device and electronic device”, “a blockchain network data communication method” And devices, “a blockchain network out-of-band data-winding method and device”, “a smart contract processing method, device and equipment”. This is proof of the rich research results by Ultrain in the past two years.

Double software certification, The first batch of blockchain information

In addition, Ultrain Basic Public Chain Software V1.0 also won the “Software Copyright” promulgated by the National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China, and was awarded the “Software Product Certificate” by the Zhejiang Software Industry Association. It was also successfully selected by the National Network Office. The first batch of blockchain information filing list announced on the afternoon of March 30th.

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Internet giants support

While gaining national recognition, the Ultrain has also been favored by Internet giants. In August 2018, it was selected as a Microsoft Accelerator for start-ups that “difficult to enter Harvard”. In November 2018, it was selected into the Amazon AWS Innovative Program. Soon after, Ultrain’s commercial trust computing service was officially launched on the Microsoft Azure market and merged into the Microsoft sales network.

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Business landing is at the forefront, truly empowering the real economy

Breaking through the blockchain impossible triangle, the Ultrain solves the core pain points of the existing enterprise application blockchain, provides a variety of solutions for enterprise services, will realize support for large-scale commercial applications, and provide a decentralized commercial infrastructure for the society.

So far, the Ultrain has been widely used in many industries such as e-commerce, supply chain, sharing economy, medical care, media entertainment, new energy, etc., insisting on independent innovation, empowering the real economy, and has been cooperated with the first domestic e-commerce YOHO , Hongri New Energy, the first A-share main board listed game company Electric Soul and other enterprises to achieve the application landing, and has established Ultrain Australian side chain, signed the Australian top local wine company Maison Blue Meisi winery, will cooperate with four famous universities in South Australia and has launched business cooperation to establish a blockchain business ecosystem that is localized and prosperous in Australia.

According to People’s Daily News, the People’s Network Blockchain Research Institute has recently published the “Blue paper on Blockchain Applications: China Blockchain Application Development Research Report (2019)”. The book invites a number of central institutions and scientific research unit leaders, as well as experts and scholars from well-known universities to participate in the compilation, and comprehensive discussion of the hot issues facing the development of Chinese blockchain. The book mentioned that it is necessary to strengthen the combination of blockchain and sharing economy. On the basis of solving the problem of trust, relying on the e-commerce system of shared platform and the design of pass-through incentives, effectively promote the transaction of shared assets among multiple chains. Circulation, a programmable business ecosystem that realizes the sharing economy. This point coincides with the work currently being done by Ultrain.

Ultrain has launched the first blockchain independent innovation social e-commerce platform “super item relationship”(S.I.R) in the world and welcomed the first business. The S.I.R firmly protects the customer’s data, better manages the visits of all merchants and purchases the customer’s relationship network and incentive settlement, and can realize the sharing of user groups by multiple merchants in the encrypted state, creating more revenue, which is the best choice in the future. The convenience of the various types of businesses of social e-commerce. The Ultrain aims to expand the C-side application through social e-commerce, create a real private domain traffic pool, and create a decentralized financial infrastructure in the actual business scenario of the service.

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The blockchain world has already started. We are ready and we will continue to move forward in a brighter future, and grow together with the Chinese blockchain industry. Based on independent innovation, the Ultrain breaks through the technical bottleneck of the existing blockchain public chain, provides trust computing services to the outside world, and will continue to acquire more corporate customers, serve all kinds of enterprises and consumers, and build a decentralized user network. We will provide the society the decentralized commercial infrastructure that will truly empower the real economy!