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The Sekunjalo Group, owned by the Dr. Iqbal Survé family, announces officially today that they have partnered with Ultrain, leader of global public chain 3.0 to build a pan- African public chain to create an African wide blockchain enabled business ecosystem. The African Chain and have been live on Monday, November 11th.

With extremely strong innovated mind, global vision, political and businesses resources, Sekunjalo Group hopes to build a new generation of financial infrastructure in Africa, leveraging its exiting business as foundation and to build a much bigger block blockchain enabled new financial infrastructure to serve not only payment, clearing and potentially lending and more services to provide African people with convenience and accountability.

“the African Chain”,co-built by Sekunjalo and Ultrain is live since this week, and together they will build multi-sector ecosystems and to provide blockchain solutions to various enterprises and to enable more businesses and users with the advantages of a blockchain enabled business world.

Dr Survé is a regular contributor and participant in the Davos and Summer Davos meetings. Dr Survé is an alumnus of the University of Cape Town (UCT), the Graduate School of Business (GSB), the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Harvard University with degrees in medicine, science, and business. He created the Sekunjalo, which is owned by the Survé family today.

Currently, the Sekunjalo is one of the most influential investment holding group in Africa with 176 portfolios and the value is more than $3.5 billion. In addition, Sekunjalo is a member of the prestigious World Economic Forum (WEF) and Sekunjalo is recognized by WEF as one of the worlds’ fastest growing companies aka The New Champions/Forum Advisory member and was one of only 5 companies from Africa included as a New Champion at the inaugural New Champions meeting in 2007. Sekunjalo’s investment portfolio includes Oil and Gas, Food, Fishing, Aquaculture, Power, Resources, Transport and Mobility, Telecoms, Civil Security and Defence, Media, Technology, Bio-technology, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals and Asset Management. Sekunjalo pioneers many social impact investment initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The story of Africa’s rising is an important narrative that The Survé family and Sekunjalo have committed to by investing in media on the African continent. In South Africa, Sekunjalo has recently invested significantly in the tech- media sector on the African continent. Sekunjalo is the shareholder of Africa’s first multisided platform unicorn Sagarmatha Technologies which includes ecommerce and digital businesses. Dr Survé is the chairman of one of Africa’s largest print and online media groups, Independent Media, ( which has 20 major newspaper titles with between 5 & 10 million readers daily.

Survé Philanthropies (SP), the philanthropic foundation of Dr Survé and the Survé family, has 7 separate Foundations supporting children's, women's and human rights, education, music, arts and culture, entrepreneurship, social impact investing, climate change and healthcare.

Ultrain is a global leading public-chain 3.0 provider, an innovative general-purpose tech-infrastructure aiming to be the decentralized Amazon cloud+Android. As of April,15, 2019, Ultrain successfully released its main-net and outperformed its peer such as Dfinity and Algorand in realization. Ultrain’s goal is to be the No.1 commercial public-chain globally, not only providing a state of art technology, but also able to construct a real business ecosystem on top, leveraging it’s powerful R&D capabilities and unrivaled top global business resources provided by it’s founding team.

With its important break-through on consensus(RPOS), it’s own user-friendly smart contract and developer framework, and it’s specialized customizable privacy solutions(zkp), Ultrain is providing to the world an easy to use+efficient solution with huge customization flexibility, and an extremely economical price comparing to other available public chain offerings. At the same time, Ultrain also realizes the unique original stochastic dynamic fragmentation technology, and has the only zero-knowledge proof privacy protection scheme on the chain in the world; and 12 independent invention patents.

Efficient, innovative and easy-to-use products + super cost-effective pricing + strong international and domestic enterprise resources, Ultrain as a technology infrastructure like Amazon cloud + Android in blockchain era will effectively support large-scale commercial applications, widely empower in the travel, luxury goods, supply chain, sharing economy, health care, retail, media entertainment, new energy and many other industries.