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Following is the biweekly report on the progress of the project from Nov. 4th -November 17th, which contains two items: project development progress and community dynamic update. It is for the community members to check. Thank you for your attention.

Ultrain's Core Technology

  1. The symmetric NAT network penetrates the prototype code, and the basic function debugging is completed;

  2. Improve the automatic operation and maintenance monitoring function, increase fine-grained query and more statistical information;

  3. Automated chain building increases chain type adaptation, and can flexibly establish multiple types of side chains.

Ultrain’s Ecosystem

  1. Complete the UIP10Container contract, T-shirt and SuperNova Baby Elephant contract;

  2. Digital twins moves to a new contract system;

  3. The S.I.R. platform has been upgraded to support multiple stores and multiple commodities;

  4. S.I.R. business background data, product management, user information and other functions online.

Ultrain Developer Kit

  1. Develop “cross-chain transfer” DAPP to support mutual transfer of UGAS between the main chain and the side chain;

  2. UltrainOne is updated to V2.5.4, adding the secret input function, and the iOS version is updated to the overseas AppStore.

Ultrain’s Latest Community & Event Update

African giant Sekunjalo Group cooperated with Ultrain to create an "African public chain"

On November 8th, the Sekunjalo Group, owned by African entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr. Iqbal Survé, announced that with the global public chain 3.0 leader Ultrain to officially launch African public chain on November 11, 2019. The Sekunjalo Group is one of the most influential investment holding groups in Africa with 176 portfolios worth of more than $3.5 billion and the most influential newspaper group in Africa – Independent Media (http://www.independentmedia) and the African News Agency ( The Sekunjalo Group will build on its strong international and African political merchants, industry base and user resources, as well as the operational team rooted in Africa for many years, combined with the Ultrain leading blockchain technology to empower the real economy. And promote Africa's new generation of financial infrastructure, realize payment, settlement, clearing and other services based on real consumer life scenarios, provide African people with broader and universal inclusive financial services, and build a new generation of African-based "Alipay" by blockchain technology.

Will’s cooperated with Ultrain to empower the fitness industry based on blockchain

On November 7, 2019, the famous fitness brand Will’s Group announced that it has officially cooperated with Ultrain Trust Computing which is the leading commercial public chain in the world to promote the comprehensive upgrade of the fitness industry.

Since then, Wills will rely on the top blockchain technology of independent innovation from Ultrain to launch a new fitness points program - comprehensively link the sports data indicators on the blockchain so that the calorie value of fitness member is linked to the points, to achieve points incentive for members and digital construction of fitness scenes to promote the digitalization of fitness consumption, make the blockchain technology and the real economy integrate and innovate, let the traditional industry rejuvenate, and the technology starts to fully empower the digital health industry.

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Talk about the architecture design of Ultrain from the EIDOS causes trouble to EOS

On November 15th, in order to answer the corresponding questions of the community, Ultrain senior developers produced a good article. from the EIDOS related events, we introduced the Ultrai’s multi-chain architecture model, innovative resource management allocation model, how resources flow, and so on, explain why Ultrain does not suffer from congestion like EOS. Easy to understand!

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Emma was invited by Chainlink to co-host a meetup

As we all know, Ultrain and the well-known project Chainlink have reached strategic cooperation as early as October. On November 17th, Ultrain co-founder Emma was invited by Chainlink to hold a meeting in Beijing. It introduced the advantages of the Ultrain project, and interacted with the people present. It was fully welcomed by people. At the same time, we also welcome everyone to continue to participate in the various offline events we have organized since then.

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The above is the progress report of Ultrain from Nov 4th to Nov 17th, looking forward to more exciting contents after that!