Since the outbreak of the new corona virus, the domestic government has adopted strict preventive measures to prevent the epidemic and has taken the national effort to control the epidemic situation. The number of new cases has continued to decline and the number of cures has continued to increase.

However, it is troubling that viruses know no borders. Just as Chinese epidemic situation showed signs of improvement initially, the overseas epidemic situation began to spread in a large area, and the number of infected people continued to rise.

Recently, Ultrain’s overseas community ambassadors have also kept in close contact with us, expressing their concern and condolences to each other, also describing the most true epidemic situation in their country, and expressing their views on the blockchain industry in this particular period.

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Korean community leader Jay:

Hello my name is jay chung, ultrain korean team’s manager.

Ultrain team has offices in Singapore and China.

Recently, East asia was directly hit by the Corona Nineteen virus, which caused a whole business disruption.

Nevertheless, tens of thousands of Ultrain blockchain communities and Ultrain developers around the world have recently successfully conducted large scale protocols update.

In particular, the Korean community has successfully completed testing protocol updates thanks to its impressive performance, including the large number of people participating in these protocol updates.

Now in China, things are getting better than before, so everyone can overcome Corona19 together.

In Korea, there are more than 6,000 people infected, and the threat to this is increasing, and we have to put everyone’s head together to overcome this pandemic.

Korea’s Ultrain Team and Ultrain Core Team will also overcome the coronavirus and work hard to make Ultrain stand firm as a third-generation blockchain.

I’d like to thank all of you, the world ultrain community, the core team and Korean Ultrain Community, cheer up and we can go for it.

And please take care of your health!

Good luck!

Indian community leader Priyank:

Hello ultrain Users and our Chinese brother and sister

My journey till now with ultrain is going good and I learn a lot with their development and mining things, As a ambassador of ultrain India, my community also appreciate the work by ultrain team and their hardwork towards the project . Indian Community loves Ultrain.

Past few months our chinese brother and sister facing a virus , lots of people died and lots of people suffering, but the virus spreading towards in india also , and many people already affected.

I pray to god may everything will be good, normal , and all chinese citizen will be healthy soon.

please stay strong, this is a tuff time and we all are with you in your tuff time.

I pray that Ultrain team also good and healthy, take care all of you .

Thank you

Turkish Community leader Ecan:

I started to work as a community leader for turkish investors. Ultrain has been on my track since the beginning as a programmable blockchain for business communities. Especially Ultrain’s experienced and super team attracted my attention.

I am very happy that I can contribute to this amazing project. Ultrain $ UGAS coin got the confidence of the Turkish blockchain investors and we buiLd a very good Turkish community.

Chine is world leader at blockchain projects and Ultrain is one of the best blockchain projects. I hope that the corona virus will end soon. Everything will be better than before.

Nigerian/african community leader Dotun:

Hello everyone, my name is Dotun wilfred, i am the Nigerian/african ambassador for Ultrain, i would love to talk about the impact the corona virus has on the local blockchain community in my region. since global the outbreak of the virus, generally people have being wary of events and crowded places this has inhibited events and meetings related to blockchain and online initiatives were deployed rather. I am hopeful the world finds a lasting solution soon and i also commend the Ultrain team for the tireless work they have being doing amid the mayhem and pray that they are all safe. Thanks.

Keiko, Ambassador of Indonesian Community:

I have always thought that the people of all countries in the world are one family, and we should work together to meet difficulties. So in February this year, after learning that the epidemic in China was very serious, I immediately donated 100 packs of masks to Guangzhou, China (relevant information link:

Later, I was mistaken by our local hospital in Indonesia that the 100 packs of masks were bought by me personally and thought I was infected with the virus, so I was quarantined at the hospital. But despite this, I don’t regret the donation of masks, and I can do a little for the people of the friendly countries. I feel relieved.

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This is a report on Coronavirus in Indonesia. In Indonesia, everyone wears a mask when they go out, and students must wear a mask when they go to school. The police will arrest those who sell masks at high prices.

Since it is inconvenient to record videos for everyone in the hospital, we can only express our concern and greetings through short texts. I hope that the Ultrain team, community members, and all other Chinese siblings will be safe and healthy and work together to defeat the epidemic.

Thank you!

At the moment of the epidemic, no country can survive on its own, and all mankind is a community of destiny. May we fight against the “Virus” together, overcome difficulties and return to normal life as soon as possible. Ultrain officials and overseas ambassadors around the world will continue to work together to use technology to make the world a better place.