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Following is the biweekly report on the progress of the project from Mar. 2nd -Mar. 15st, which contains two items: project development progress and community dynamic update. It is for the community members to check. Thank you for your attention.

Technology Update from Ultrain (3/2–3/15)
Ultrain’s Core Technology

  1. The flexible cryptographic code base is enhanced and upgraded to enhance system security;

  2. Complete the design of the world state verification scheme, and start the development of binary code calculation.

Ultrain’s Ecosystem

  1. The new version of S.I.R Department is launched, including new shopping carts, user evaluations, multi-order purchases, and merchant qualifications;

  2. A single small program on the line supports multiple store functions and opens the merchant application entrance;

  3. Docking education business “Aesthetic Education Zhiku” enters the S.I.R platform and launches an independent mini program;

  4. Support the development of functions such as ticket information, seat sales information, sales methods, and bill splitting fees;

  5. Complete Ultrain Foundation website development and deployment.

Ultrain Developer Kit

  1. Fix the developer website and official website login issues and maintain UltrainOne code.

Ultrain’s Latest Community & Event Update
Ultrain co-founder Emma wrote an essay for Women’s Day

On the day of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Ultrain co-founder Emma wrote a special article and talked about the gender perspective in China and the West with her professional experience, saying that technology will weaken the difference between men and women and introduce new challenges.
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Ultrain overseas community ambassadors synchronize local epidemic situation

The situation of the new corona virus is still not optimistic, especially the situation abroad is getting worse. Recently, Ultrain’s overseas community ambassadors have kept in close contact with us, describing the most true epidemic situation in various countries and their views on the blockchain industry in this particular period.
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Article overview of the Ultrain consensus protocol

Following the release of many previous technical articles, Ultrain’s senior technical staff continues to produce good text. Recently, we published a technical overview | article overview of the Ultrain consensus protocol (top), a technical overview | article overview of the Ultrain consensus protocol (bottom), first introduced PoW, PoS, DPoS of common consensus protocols, thus leading to the Ultrain BFT random PoS consensus algorithm (RPoS), followed by a detailed introduction to the architecture, message types, detailed processes, and node state diagrams of the Ultrain consensus protocol. Finally, it summarizes the key technologies used in the Ultrain consensus protocol. Everyone is welcome to read.

News about S.I.R. Mini Program!

S.I.R mini-programs are gradually being developed by merchants, and functions are continuously optimized to meet the needs of various merchants. Features updated in this issue include: 1. Opening application stores; 2. Adding shopping cart functions; 3. Adding order evaluations; 4. Viewing historical reward records.

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The above is the progress report of Ultrain from Mar 2nd to Mar 15st, looking forward to more exciting contents after that!