Following is the monthly report on the progress of the project from May. 11th -Jun.7th, which contains two items: project development progress and community dynamic update. It is for the community members to check. Thank you for your attention.

Technology Update from Ultrain (5/11–6/7)

Ultrain’s Core Technology

• Ultrain infrastructure

  1. Complete the development of the Windows version of the family mining machine software, and implement the Windows 10 environment automation deployment tool to complete the internal test;

  2. Node software adds on-chain data compression and encrypted storage, and increases data distributed storage mechanism support;

  3. Improve the certificate system management tool to support encrypted authentication communication between nodes and between the client and the server.

Ultrain’s Ecosystem

  1. New functions of exporting merchant orders, customizing reward rules, intelligent display of user data and other functions have been released on the S.I.R platform and updated versions have been released;

  2. The S.I.R system completes the product video, custom sharing copy and other function development, and enters the test stage;

  3. Complete the construction and development of the blockchain enterprise service platform and data upload, and complete the development of related systems such as new marketing activities for blockchain games.

Ultrain Developer Kit

  1. Complete TypeScript refactoring for UltrainOne to improve code readability and maintainability.

Ultrain’s Latest Community & Event Update

Ultrain fully introduced its own blockchain certificate management system

Currently, the mainstream blockchain technology in China is called an open license chain. The license chain refers to the owners of all the nodes that make up the license chain. Their identities are authenticated, and they can only join the blockchain network after being authorized by the license. In this scenario, the network is open to authorized organizations or institutions, and there is a collaborative relationship between the participants on the chain, with an access mechanism. As a complete solution, the PKI/CA system can provide identity authentication certificates for each participant in the license chain to realize access control. It can be said that the certificate mechanism is the cornerstone of the permission chain network security.

Recently, Ultrain technical experts wrote an article, which describes the Ultrain certificate management system in detail after describing the basic concepts of PKI/CA as necessary.

Ultrain has completed development of many new functions

Ultrain independently developed a one-stop user growth technology service platform based on a small program store. The super-item system has completed iterations. It has a variety of powerful tool libraries to support the needs of merchant stores in multiple scenarios: SMS and subscription notifications, merchandise Fission posters, user relationship management … In the future, there will also be functions such as social dynamics and interaction, live broadcast playback, etc.

At present, Superphysical is engaged in store exploration and nugget activities, inviting merchants from all walks of life to open stores, and you will receive a reward for opening a store. Permanently receive 1% of the order transaction amount as a reward.

Ultrain is working closely with multiple business partners

Recently, Ultrain has helped a blockchain game to complete the construction of its marketing system, and has also completed the construction and development of a blockchain enterprise service center and data upload. In addition, there are many business partners in close negotiation and cooperation.

The above is the progress report of Ultrain from May 11th to Jun 7th, looking forward to more exciting contents after that!