Announcing Ultrain’s Public Testnet Invitation

To the global Ultrain community,

Hello All! The Ultrain team is pleased to announce that we will officially open the testnet to public applications from December 3rd of 2018. Our global community members are invited to submit applications to join the testnet via our official website. After your application is approved, you will receive an Ultrain testnet docker, distributed by us, that will allow you to install the testnet on your device. As a member of Ultrain's public testnet, you will provide essential computing power to the network for its daily operation! Your valuable contribution will help us to complete the testing of Ultrain’s public chain technology.

As previously announced, Ultrain released a proof-of-concept network to the public on July 15 this year. One thousand nodes were deployed on the Amazon cloud service AWS, which achieved an excellent performance of 3000 TPS across an utterly decentralized architecture.

However, AWS is a network operating environment with exceptional conditions, touting an intercontinental network delay of only 100ms.

As part of Ultrain’s plan for a fully decentralized network, we envision mining infrastructure to be similar to an ordinary computer that can be placed in homes across the globe. This device could be used as a regular computer, but it becomes a node on the network when not in use, performing useful mining functions to the benefit of the owner, and achieve decentralized CPU computation sharing.

To achieve this ultimate goal, Ultrain will test performance in an elaborate public environment, allowing us to resolve issues such as intercontinental network transmission delay. A higher TPS will likely increase network transmission traffic, which will demand a higher network quality.

We must also take into account the specific characteristics of different network infrastructure in different countries. For example, a vital issue in the Chinese network environment is transparently establishing communication between users on devices without public IP addresses. There is also the risk of network storms caused by uncontrollable network topology. Many of the issues mentioned above are crucial to blockchain technologies and remain to be solved before a truly decentralized public blockchain can be adopted.

Ultrain has used an engineering approach in a laboratory environment to solve some of the above issues, but we are familiar with how overwhelmingly complicated and unpredictable the real world network environment can be. Of course, these issues will not be the full picture, but only a portion of the matters that we will encounter.
We believe engineering problems must be approached and resolved realistically and practically.

Therefore, help from our community members is needed. We humbly ask our community members to contribute some of their computing power to our network by joining Ultrain’s public testnet. With community members from different locations around the world participating, we will thoroughly test Ultrain’s network performance in different Internet environments. We can then optimize and upgrade the Ultrain network.

Starting from today, you may visit the "Public Testnet Application" link on Ultrain’s official website to submit the configuration of your device, network status, and other necessary location information. By creating a geographical map of contributors, we will be able to test the impact of location on our network. We will select candidates to join the testnet based on their geographical location.

To better focus on the issues that need to be solved at this stage of the test, we recommend that the following configuration for your device, please do not install the Ultrain testnet if your device does not fulfill the following requirements:

CPU:2.1GHz, 4Cores
Hard Disk:100G

Please note applications that do not meet the above configuration will be considered if the candidate is located in a regional significantly further from other applicants. We will inform you of your successful application in advance.

The testnet is purely a testing environment that may restart, reset, and regenerate the Genesis block at any time. Please note that our nodes will run in a docker environment, which does not affect your computer. Network contributors will generate a testnet Token, but the Token will not be redeemable for mainnet UGAS.

To motivate users to participate in testing, we will randomly select some testing accounts to receive UGAS as rewards for their contribution. To qualify for the award, testnet participants must meet contribution requirements over a given time.

We are very excited to share this news with you, our community. This marks a significant step forward for Ultrain and is a process that foreshadows the upcoming operation of Ultrian’s mainnet. Ultrain is one of the world’s blockchain 3.0 projects to open its testnet to worldwide applicants.
The Ultrain team is looking forward to working with you! Together we will build a new generation of blockchain 3.0 public chains that will further advance the real applications of blockchain technology in society. Let us take a step forward together!
Please click on the "Request" link to apply now and we will get back to you as soon as possible.