Fitness and stress management
Be active

Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
Get at least 30 minutes of activity every day. If the idea of sweating at the gym for hours on end doesn’t sound appealing to you, then head outside for a game of ultimate Frisbee. Or, try going for a walk or a run. The important thing is that you get moving! 福彩双色球

Keep yourself organized to eliminate unnecessary and preventable stress.
Turn off the TV and listen to music. 幸运飞艇
Make time everyday, even if it’s just 15 minutes, for relaxation and reflection.
Get plenty of sleep.
Allow at least 30 minutes of quiet relaxing activity before bed at night, e.g. reading.
Resist the temptation to use sleeping pills, 天津快乐十分when under the stress of writing papers, studying, etc.
Sleep is not a waste of time! It’s as important and necessary as nutrition and exercise.