A pair of bald eagles was spotted recently by an Island angler as the birds were attempting to establish a nest on a vacant osprey pole in West Tisbury. The sighting could herald a new, more permanent presence of the species on Martha’s Vineyard (not if the osprey have anything to say about it). 福彩双色球
As an avid fisherman, 幸运飞艇Islander Stavros Viglas said he has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of striped bass, and was searching for signs of spring one day, when he saw the massive birds.

“Checking the osprey poles, listening for peeper frogs, and enjoying the longer days,” Viglas said. As he was inspecting one of the poles, he noticed two very large birds. When he scoped in on his binoculars, he noticed they were bald eagles.

“Having never seen a bald eagle on Martha’s Vineyard before, I was very excited, and 天津快乐十分seeing a pair nesting is rare,” Viglas said.