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Ultrain is excited to announce the upcoming blockchain hackathon event of “smart contract” happening in October 1st till October 7th. Scope of the questions will be based on each participant’s personal preference, and open book research is allowed during the answering process. Ultrain has prepared sizable prize for this hackthon event, and we welcome all hacker talents to participate in our event!!!

Time Frame for The Hackathon:

October 1st 00:00- October 7th 18:00 PDT

Date of Award Ceremony:

October 9th

Location for The Award Ceremony:

Hilton San Francisco Union Square, 333 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States

(1) First place 20,000 UGAS (1 Winner)
(2) Second place 10,000 UGas (2 Winners)
(3) Third place 5000 UGas (4 Winners)
(4) Participant Award 100UGAS (All participants)

Website for Event Registration:

Process & Schedule of Hackathon(Based on PDT time):

(1) Starting from now to October 1st 00:00, each participant can join our event through the event registration website,with direct access to the developer platform here. For further information and Ultrain’s SDK documents, please enter the "Documents" and "Tutorial" page.

(2) On October 1st 00:00,Ultrain will officially announce the questions for Hackathon here,each question is weighted differently, participants can answer any questions based on their own preference, and submit source code and documents to assigned email address. The Hackathon event will end at October 7th 6:00 PM.

       Please feel free to ask any quesions about Ultrain Hackathon at the telegram group:

(3) On October 9th, Ultrain will make an official presences at Hilton San Francisco Union Square for an offline award ceremony,and invite the winning teams to go on stage to share their winning products.

Process for submission:

After the answer are completed, participants have to submit compressed files of sourcing code and documentation to the email address Please note the naming convention of the email to be “ULTRAIN Hackathon + Partipant‘s name (or team name). ”

60,000 UGas is wating for you ! Come and get it !!!

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