Technology Update from Ultrain

Ultrain’s Core Technology

  1. Completed testnet image files, desktop programming and tutorial video for the community.
  2. Performance testing and pressure testing completed the debugging and demonstration process.
  3. Achieved synchronization between the main chain and side chain, allows the scheduling between chains and now support the “package mode” on the side chain
  4. World state management completed. Can now support new nodes to join quickly and switching between side chain nodes.

Ultrain’s Smart Contracts

  1. Added “pure view” to contract, this type of action does not need to achieve consensus, nor broadcasted in the network, nor can it modify Database. Its role is to provide developers with a quick ability to query and look up data in contracts;
  2. From the perspective of contract that’s vulnerable and public attacks, improve the system contract security-related logic, and cooperate with security companies of the industry to further protect the security level.

Ultrain Developer Kit

  1. U3.js changed the system built-in contract scheduling from version 0.2.8, and turned it from online abi storage to online real-time access;
  2. Fix the KeyProvider overload error in the options configuration item; fully compatible with the react-native system, laying the foundation for the native mobile application;
  3. Longclaw and local mirroring in u3.js are upgraded to the latest version of the test network.

Ultrain’s Latest Community & Event Update

Upcoming Announcement
Ultrain's new app will be launched next week! This app has added Ultrain’s wallet that currently runs on test net, look up for UGAS information, score, DApp store, mall function, which will bring you a better user experience, so stay tuned!

At 17:00 on December 5th in Seoul, Ultrain and the popular blockchain media in South Korea, Blockdaily, conducted an AMA event. Emma and Husen (chief cryptographer) answered many questions online. The AMA was evaluated by the Korean media as the most active online AMA event recently held and has a very high-quality conversation. For details, please refer to AMA activities that detonated the Korean blockchain community!

Ultrain co-founder & CEO Guo Rui was invited by Chainnews to accept an interview: "Too Dull to Mention? The Era of Blockchain 3.0 is coming" and proposed his personal opinion on the prospects of blockchain technology. An in-depth introduction to Ultrain's public chain technology. For details, please see:

Ultrain co-founder & CTO Li Ning wrote an in-depth article entitled "The Evolution and of Blockchain, The Past, The Presence, and The Future," comparing the development history of blockchain technology with the theory of biological evolution, easy-to-understand and insightful, well-written article and received positive feedback from community members! For details, please see:

Ultrain co-founder Emma Liao Zhiyu, as a Columbia alumnus, was invited to participate in the Beijing University Forum blockchain sub-forum of the Columbia Business School. She had an extensive discussion with leading entrepreneurs such as Li Song, founder of, and Ada Xiao Ziwen, chief strategy officer of Juzix. Please see:关于ultrain-r-pos共识的解读

Ultrain was invited to participate in the first hackathon hosted by Binance, the DoraHacks blockchain battle, and it also happened to be the qualifier for Binance Singapore hackathon. A discussion was hold based on Ultrain technology, and even hosting a workshop in San Francisco

Ultrain's principal investor, NGC (NEO Global Capital), has supported Ultrain and published a full-scale foreign media channel, saying that it continues to be optimistic about Ultrain! Please see:

Emma was invited to participate in the "Mars Editor-in-Chief" discussion, as the only female guest to attend and was well received by everyone because of the excellent speech. For details, please refer to:

Ultrain held the first local meetup in Ho Chi Minh City and attended many blockchain industry practitioners and enthusiasts. Among them, there are many technical developers. Ultrain is very happy to see the Vietnamese’s enthusiasm for blockchain technology is no less than any other market. After explaining the Ultrain brand positioning, team background, and global layout, Emma sent another senior technical expert from Ultrain, Lei Honglu, as the representative of Ultrain technology developer, to introduce Ultrain's unique consensus mechanism and the company's first layer. The details of the technology, the aspects of the smart contract deployment, and the primary side chain mechanism all appealed to be very interesting to the audiences. For details, please refer to Ultrain Global Tour Meetup: Vietnam Station Ends Successfully

The Ultrain Korea meeting was a complete success! The Ultrain Korean community manager brought us an excellent conference, the audience was full, full of seats, and received a lot of praise from the participants, Ultrain co-founder Emma and chief cryptographer Husen Wang both arrived at the scene, they gave a lovely speech to the audience.

On the morning of the 17th after Seoul’s Meetup, Emma and Husen jointly interviewed Blockaily, the popular blockchain media in South Korea, which will help South Korean local people to understand Ultrain, a public chain project from China. For the original interview, please see: Https://

Ultrain's latest YouTube review is coming! Welcome everyone to watch 👏


The above information demonstrated the progress of Ultrain from December 3rd to December 16th. Thank you for all your interest in Ultrain! Stay tuned for our latest developments and updates!