To all community members of Ultrain:

Ultrain is pleased to announce that its permitted mainnet is now fully operational and able to service external enterprises.

Ultrain’s permitted mainnet entered the beta stage on 1 October 2018. In the 86 days since then we have completed 743,248 blocks on the chain and deployed five smart contracts for two DApps. Transactions peaked at 345 TPS over the 86 days of operation, demonstrating the reliability, usability and performance of Ultrain’s network.

We have made the following updates to our permitted mainnet:

  1. Optimized the consensus mechanism. We have achieved excellent performance, with 3000 TPS and 1000 nodes in the secure environment of Amazon cloud by July 2018. Now we have achieved the innovative optimization of the random algorithm component of our existing consensus mechanism. In the public network environment we are maintaining 1000 TPS (capable of carrying 80 million daily transactions), while improving the stability and usability of network services. As a permitted mainnet providing commercial services to clients, Ultrain commits to delivering performance of more than 1000 TPS, with 99.99% of the main net functionality usable.

  2. Economic model. We have completed the update process for code in the Ultrain economic system (the specific economic system can be seen in the following link: With this upgrade, DApp developers can choose either “dedicated side chain” or “side chain on demand” to purchase Ultrain’s trust computing services. Moreover, Ultrain’s system is compatible with mining rigs, which can now start the mining process.

Ultrain has completed its network preparation and is able to provide external parties with commercial services, Ultrain have reached strategic cooperation agreements with Unitopia, Mixmarvel Technology, Real Event Limited, Jungo Network, Great Resource New Energy and other leaders in various industries. We expect numerous commercial DApps to make use of Ultrain’s permitted mainnet in the next few months, providing services to end users while operating on Ultrain’s chain.

A total of 80 mining rigs are providing computing services in the existing permitted mainnet. These rigs are operated mainly by Ultrain, as well as by business partners. As more companies use and purchase the trust computing services of Ultrain, we hope more mining rigs will join the network to provide computing services. Meanwhile, our mining rigs are open for sale. With more miners joining Ultrain’s business ecosystem, together we will build stable and efficient trust computing services.

In addition, Ultrian’s commercial packaged service is now available online for purchase and for further detail you may refer to the following link at, to experience Ultrian’s testnet service.

Warm regards for a wonderful holiday season
Ultrain Team