We are proud to announce the official launch of Ultrain’s brand new mobile app!

To consolidate and standardize the management of Ultrain’s global community, the Ultrain team created a multipurpose application, UltrainOne, with a focus on user experience. The app, which we developed inhouse, supports both iOS and Android.

The user interface is elegant and simple to operate, making use of the cutting-edge interactive design of the latest generation of mobile applications.

UltrainOne contains various useful functions, such as allowing users to create or import wallets on Ultrain’s testnet using their mobile devices. Users also have the option of using either a mnemonic phrase or a private key as a wallet backup solution to minimize the risk of losing wallet access.

In addition to wallet functionality, the app includes the following features:

  1. Loyalty point system. Users receive daily sign-in reward points and can participate in official events to receive additional points. Reward points can be redeemed for Ultrain gifts from the UltrainOne Mobile Store or exchanged for UGAS (100 points = 1 UGAS).

  2. Mobile store. Users can purchase Ultrain-themed swag and our cute Supernova mascot doll.

  3. App (DApp) store. This is a one-stop location where users can look up blockchain-related apps and DApps from within UltrainOne.

  4. UGAS look-up. Users can directly look up their UGAS balance using UltrainOne.

  5. News update. The app will provide users with all the latest Ultrain news and information, updated in real time. Users will hear the project’s latest news ahead of everyone else.

Download the app now via the links below!

Download address :