Dear Ultrain community members,

We would like to thank you for your continuous support of the Ultrain testnet! Several miners have already begun mining operations since the announcement of their selection last December.

New mining-data lookup function

We are pleased to announce a new online mining-data lookup function that is increasing transparency by making mining-data available to the public.
Click the link below for detailed inquiries:


Each user is ranked based on the number of blocks they have created, as can be seen in the image below:

Users can review their mining status and details on a daily basis, after logging in with their account details:
The time and date of each block is also visible:

We encourage and welcome all miners to use our new lookup function!

Second round testnet application

The second phase of Ultrain’s testnet miner recruitment is now officially open! Community members have another opportunity to join Ultrain’s testnet, so submit your application soon to get involved. All new miners will provide computational power for the operation of Ultrain’s testnet, filling a crucial role in Ultrain’s technological development and helping to complete testing prior to mainnet launch later this year.

Testnet participation reward program

We have prepared a generous reward program to incentivize miner participation. The program is effective as of today.

1、 Each miner is ranked on a weekly basis based on the number of blocks they produce, and be rewarded accordingly.

· 1st — 3rd: each winner receives 0.8 UGAS/block

· 4th-10th: each winner receives 0.5 UGAS/block

2、 Each miner is ranked based on their aggregated monthly output of blocks at the end of each month.

· 1st — 3rd: each winner receives a mid-size Supernova mascot

· 4th-10th: each winner receives a small size Supernova mascot

*Limited Time Offering: Valid until Ultrain’s mainnet is launched on line

We welcome all interested parties to apply for our testnet via the link below!