Since Unitopia and Ultrain announced their strategic cooperation in August 22nd 2018, both parties have invested significant human and monetary capital to jointly explore potential blockchain breakthroughs. Unitopia has conducted comprehensive due diligence on the performance of Ultrain’s enterprise network, investigating key components such as stability, cryptographic tools, and random number generation.


Pleased with their findings, Unitopia have decided to invest multimillion yuan to purchase a dedicated side chain on Ultrain’s enterprise network. The side chain’s sole purpose is to provide trusted computing power to Unitopia’s blockchain gaming platform.

Unitopia expects to release 5–6 blockchain games on their platform, all with varying playstyles, such as card, placement, board and simulation games. Unitopia has optimized traditional games through blockchain technology, as well as creating new ways to play. Below are screenshots from one of their upcoming games “Wan Li Farm”, which is expected to be released by the end of Q1 2019.


Ultrain’s permitted mainnet has been live since January 1st of 2019, with its first operational side chain “Pioneer” targeted at enterprise users, providing trusted computing with a “customization on demand” approach. A single computing resource package is capable of supporting 1000 accounts with 2000 transactions each per day. Developers may purchase packages based on their contract deployment requirements and operational demand from their DApp. Side chains such as this allow for hundreds of DApps to be deployed.

Please visit,to explore the ongoing operation of Ultrain’s permitted net.


Unitopia purchased a “Dedicated Public Chain” side chain, which is designed by Ultrain to their specific requirements. All provisioned computing resources are for exclusive use and operation by Unitopia, to deploy and run a series of games in development. Their side chain will likely consist of approximately 160 mining machines, with the majority of machines provided by community miners.

Unitopia Lab is a not-for-profit frontier research organization (jointly established by Electronic Soul (Hangzhou) and Zhejiang University in September 2017) focused on developing blockchain technology in China. Unitopia gathered blockchain experts for research and development, exploring business applications and strategic industrial analysis, all while offering guidance to entrepreneurs and promoting the development of blockchain technology. Since its inception, Unitopia has cooperated with Zhejiang University to hold blockchain events, publish blockchain books and research reports, launch incubators, offer training services, and give technical lectures. Unitopia is now recognized as an iconic research institution in China.

As a leader of the blockchain 3.0 generation, Ultrain aims to be the decentralized engine powering future businesses. We are building a high-performance, decentralized blockchain platform using innovations in blockchain consensus, smart contracts, Zero-Knowledge Proofs and other middleware services. Ultrain is able to design and produce cutting edge technology, thanks to its team of 30+ senior scientists and developers from Alibaba, combined with a business team of strong financial and business backgrounds. Ultrain received 20million USD in funding with 200 million dollar valuation back in July 2018, the team is devoted to be the global leader in public chain technology for business applications, resolves the core bottlenecks of the industry with its innovative technology, such as limited TPS performance, high cost of operation and lack of privacy protection. Ultrain’s permitted mainnet is available online since January 1st of 2019, and is now providing commercial level public chain service to external parties.