Ultrain attended Binance Blockchain Week 2019 last weekend, invited as an important ecosystem partner. The incredible event was comprised of over 2000 participants from around the world, and brought together industry-leading regulators, investors, academic elites, entrepreneurs and technical experts to discuss today’s blockchain ecosystem and promote sustainable development within the industry. Many of Ultrain’s senior executives attended, interacting directly with other leaders from global blockchain projects, exchanging the latest knowledge and innovations.


Ultrain Co-founder, Emma Liao, with Binance CEO, CZ Zhang.


Ultrain’s co-founder, Emma Liao, gave an insightful speech at the conference’s Gala Dinner. She expounded that 2019 is the year for Decentralized Applications (AKA DApps), outlining the requirements for valuable applications as being both dependable technical products and market accessibility.

Emma explained Ultrain’s vision of becoming the world’s leading commercial public chain, supporting this claim by presenting the following features to the Gala:

  1. Completely decentralized structure capable of high-performance, its public mainnet reaches TPS of 3000.

  2. Low cost of usage, one-tenth the cost of Ethereum/EOS.

  3. Zero-knowledge proof scheme that can effectively solve the privacy protection problem when the business application is on the chain.

These features are addressing and resolving several of the core industry bottlenecks.


Emma continued by saying that Ultrain’s business model not only benefits Ultrain and its business partners, but guarantees income for miners. 80% of revenue from companies purchasing blockchain infrastructure services from Ultrain is redistributed to miners. Potential clients have made their procurement needs known to Ultrain since permitted enterprise mainnet launch at the start of this year, but the network is still young and consists of 40 mining rigs for now. Ultrain expects to see more miners join the main network to provide services and earn income — a win-win situation for all parties.

Many public listed companies and industry tycoons, among them China A-share listed company Electric Soul Network, have applied to use Ultrain’s mainnet in their daily operation, with many others expected to purchase Ultrain’s services.

Emma mentioned that while in conversation with the CTO of China’s number one casual game company a few days ago, they stated that, having been contacted by a number of blockchain projects last year, Ultrain was the only one who dared to provide commercial services immediately.

Ultrain expects 2019 to be the year in which blockchain technology will be applied in commercial scenarios, but only a truly prepared public chain can effectively support industrial applications at scale. As more enterprises collaborate with Ultrain, the benchmark will be set, enticing more mainstream industry leaders to explore the power of blockchain. This is the path to connecting mainstream commercial resources to blockchain, exposing society to the value that blockchain is capable of generating.


Monday afternoon, co-found Emma representing Ultrain, attended a DApp conference called “Decentralized Apps that can scale to millions of users: Are we there yet?” Emma joined a panel of blockchain aficionado comprised of John Riggins (International Operations, BTC Media), Jason Jeon (Chief Evangelist at NHN Entertainment), Patrick Dai (Qtum Quantum Chain Co-founder), and Mai Fujimoto (Miss Fujico) . The panel discussed a key question: “How long until the day when a decentralized application can host millions of users?”The panel’s analysis of the current status and development trends of today’s DApps was valuable to all in attendance.


Emma explained that a key limiting factor is that most people don’t realize the enormous potential blockchain has! She went on to outline the work Ultrain has done to educate the public on what blockchain can do, through its collaboration with benchmark mainstream companies. Emma used the analogy of Ultrain as a “lighthouse”, in the sense that it enlightens industries to blockchain’s potential. She believes that blockchain technology has now matured, and the era of million-user applications has arrived.

Ultrain can make customized adjustments to provisioned infrastructure to meet the specific needs of commercial clients, and now understands requirements for a variety of use cases in the fields of logistics, entertainment and consumption. Data usage on the Ultrain chain is increasing daily, further cementing Ultrain’s image as a significant leader in the healthy development of the industry.


Coin Block Forum

Ultrain, busy as ever, arranged an exhibition booth at the Coin Block Forum, which attracted the attention of many on-site participants. Call us biased, but we were undoubtedly one of the most popular blockchain projects. Blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts from all over the world stopped by the Ultrain booth to bombard Ultrain team members with questions surrounding TPS performance, technical advantages compared with other public chains, and current ecological cooperation projects. The team answered with ease. To top it off, Professional Answers (a well-known local media team in Singapore) conducted an exclusive interview with Ultrain co-founder & CEO Guo Rui!

Ultrain’s heavy involvement during Binance’s Blockchain Week represents a major moment for Ultrain, putting us on the international blockchain stage with widespread exposure. Ultrain’s advanced technology, as well as our first-class team (with founders from famous tech companies such as Alibaba, Ant Financial and Qihoo360) gained significant attention, with recognition of our notable achievements. Solving blockchain issues such as low TPS, high cost of operation and lack of privacy protection for commercial businesses is no small feat, and the community responded accordingly.

Ultrain is not stopping on its path to constructing of a public chain ecosystem and becoming the world’s leading commercial chain.