Technology Update from Ultrain

Ultrain’s Core Technology

  1. Randomized scheduling between main & side chain community has been realized

  2. Initiated a testing environment for the main & side chain, execute the free schedule testing between nodes on multiple chains

  3. Fundamental router completed and reinforced, initiate main & side chain testing environment;

  4. Implement aggregate signature mechanism and reconstruct the system random number contract

Ultrain’s Smart Contracts

  1. Updated the WABT version of smart contract virtual machine

  2. Debugging and issues rapier for further enhancements on contract level security features

Ultrain Developer Kit

  1. Adding sub command from robin UI into Robin command tool

  2. Integrated mainstream front-end framework VUE, React, React Native, the three simplified boilerplate

  3. Implement integrated development that supports for contracts and DAPPs in a single project to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

Ultrain’s Latest Community & Event Update

Upcoming Announcement

A few days ago Ultrain released a Chinese article named “With this technology, you no Longer need to worry about purchasing fake sneakers” which briefly introduced the strategic collaboration between the two parties. To celebrate such milestone, Ultrain will set up an offline press release event with Yoho! after the upcoming Chinese New Year! Stay tuned with us.



Impressive “on-time delivery” from our co-founder & CTO, as he frequently publishes quality papers online. On 16th he published an article named “Smart contract, the heart of blockchain,” where he expressed his opinion and analysis on smart contract. You may find the original article at the link:



After the Unitopia’s strategic cooperation with Ultrain back on August 22, 2018, Unitopia announced that it has invested both financial resources and human capital in the field of blockchain gaming to continue their scientific exploration and application in the industry. On January 18th, Ultrain and the Electric Soul Blockchain Lab held a million-collaboration Signing ceremony. Unitopia announced that it would invest millions of RMB to purchase a dedicated side chain on Ultrain’s commercial network to provide computation required by its game platforms: You may find the original article at the link: for-future-ultrain-and-unitopia-sign-new-9d5b907c0f78



Ultrain attended Binance Blockchain Week 2019 in Singapore, invited as an important ecosystem partner. The incredible event was comprised of over 2000 participants from around the world. During the conference, Ultrain’s co-founder, Emma Liao, gave an

insightful speech at the conference’s Gala Dinner. She expounded that 2019 is the year for Decentralized Applications (AKA DApps), outlining the requirements for valuable applications. Emma also joined a panel of blockchain aficionado; The panel discussed a key question: “How long until the day when a decentralized application can host millions of users?” Emma explained that a key limiting factor is that most people don’t realize the enormous potential blockchain has! She went on to outline the work Ultrain has done to educate the public on what blockchain can do, through its collaboration with benchmark mainstream companies, much like a “lighthouse,” Ultrain is enlightened industries to blockchain’s potential. Please see the link below for more details:



Emma, the co-founder of Ultrain, was invited to Davos in Switzerland for a face to face Interaction with many big shots in the industry. Also, Ultrain’s advisor, well known
a macroeconomist, tenure Professor of London School of Political Economy, Board members of Richemont Group, Dr, Jin Keyu also represented Ultrain at Blockchain Economic Forum Davos. Professor Jin Keyu attended the panel, which discussed " Capital Market in 2020: STO (Securities Token Issuance) and Retail Exchange" At the event, she explained the value of the blockchain with many distinguished speakers, such as former Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev, and introduced Ultrain’s worth and what it Aims to achieve. For more detail, please read the article at:



Ultrain is excited to announce the launch of Ultrain’s mainnet monitoring page! Click the following link to see the operational status of our permitted mainnet including mining profitability, real-time consensus visualization, and existing mainnet users:

The addition of this visibility feature will further explain Ultrain’s consensus procedure and business model. Please visit the Mainnet Monitoring service (link provided above and read the supporting article at These resources assist us to comprehend Ultrain’s token economic system and understand how Ultrain’s model is based on the notion of servicing and empowering the fundamentals of the real economy.


The above information demonstrated the progress of Ultrain from January 14th to January 27st. Thank you for all your interest in Ultrain! Stay tuned for our latest developments and updates!